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I have been ED for 31 years.

Margarita Pavlovna, I am also now on Diabenot. DM 2. I really don’t have time for a diet and walks, but I don’t abuse sweets and carbohydrates, I think XE, but due to age, sugar is still elevated. The results are not as good as yours, but for 7.0 sugar does not come out for a week. What glucometer do you measure sugar with viagra online? Does it show on plasma or whole blood? I would like to compare the results of taking the drug.


Hello, which intravenous systems are contraindicated for ED Pikks?

When I was tested for joint replacement surgery, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was prescribed viagra pills to reduce sugar, and others were prescribed for the joints - is it possible to combine taking other drugs with a high level of sugar? And will it interfere with the operation? Similarities between diabetes and allergies. Often, itching caused by a jump in blood glucose in diabetes mellitus is confused with a banal allergy. It is easy to differentiate the condition: by improving the condition after stabilizing the blood sugar indicator.


The disease is classified as follows

Diabetes is a serious disease that can affect all organs and systems of a person. Destruction of the pancreas due to a lack of insulin in the blood plasma, which controls carbohydrate metabolism. The cause may be a malfunction of the immune system. 2nd type. The level of the hormone is within the normal range, but insulin itself is not perceived by the body. This condition is called insulin resistance and occurs when a person is overweight.